The Forest is Growing…

Welcome to the Forest of Thoughts: a world where you can separate the wood from the trees, ponder whether a tree really falls down if no one hears it and see your ideas grow from tiny acorns into mighty oak trees.

Illustration: Kate Shields

Illustration by Kate Shields

The Forest of Thoughts was created in 2011, to stimulate scientific thought and creative play. So far, we’ve run arts, crafts and science events in Brighton, Suffolk and Tunbridge Wells, including jelly baby wave machines, lost-glove teddy-bear making, fairytale peg doll making, dinosaur towel origami, seedbomb making and a lot more besides.

Last year, the Forest of Thoughts created the Garden of Love at Latitude Festival: a crafting garden encouraging people to create their own utopia, using recycled materials (and the occasional sprinkling of glitter).

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This year, we will be at Latitude again. We’ve got lots of ideas for new and magical gardens too: and we’re always looking  the perfect places for them to grow… Contact us through @Groweatgift on Twitter if you’re running an event that could benefit from nature-themed art and science fun.

Artists and scientists; talkers and thinkers; skeptics and magicians, all are welcome in the Forest of Thoughts. And maybe we can all help each other grow…